• When a customer calls, an actual person should answer the phone.
  • The amount of courtesy should NOT be based on the amount purchased.
  • We believe in doing what’s right, even when no one is looking.

Over the last few years the mini-split aftersales and support departments we’re seriously impacted by short-term cost saving analysis and misguided regional marketing tactics involving longer warranties on parts and sometimes even labor.

The actual cost of those longer warranty campaigns was absorbed by the support department.
Several mini-split companies started offering bonuses to their support agents for voiding mini-split warranties.

At Wabban, we refused to part-take in this irrational practice and as a result we can now reward our support staff based on customers’ appreciation.

This bonification method also allows us to recruit the most qualified support agents.


We came up with the S.T.R.A.P.S. acronym to describe the fundamentals of our support department strategy.
Stimulating Training, Responsive Assistance, Parts-in-Stock.

It all starts with a network of properly trained installers, we believe that the person installing and servicing our systems is a key component of our systems, therefore we must insure a level of quality control that can only be obtained with proper training.

The responsiveness of a support team is so important that it is felt at the end-user level.

We live in a fast pace environment and it is now expected of us to act fast without making mistakes, we believe that when a customer calls someone qualified to help should answer the phone. Many, if not every American brand agent is first and foremost an equipment distributor. Parts-in-Stock, Parts-in-Stock, Parts-in-Stock, it is our main differentiator in the mini-split heat-pump industry.

The group behind Wabban started more than 40 years ago as an automotive aftermarket distributor.

Equipment distributors are specialized in equipment sales, which is fewer items and higher value per item.

Aftermarket distributors are specialized in parts and accessories sales, which is a lot more items and smaller value per item.

Aftermarket distribution requires more staff, more standardize processes an management of more than 100,000 items.

We pride ourselves in emerging from the more behind-the-scene aftermarket world of distribution, we have learned a rigour that can only be learned by experience.

A Strap’s purpose is to support something and not fail at it.

We rely on straps to support people in helicopter rescue mission, we rely on S.T.R.A.P.S. to support ALL our esteemed customers. This tactic will chiefly affect one department, the aftersales support department.

The cost of this tactic had to be absorbed somewhere and today, many reputable companies have even started giving bonuses to their support agents for voiding mini-split warranties.

At Wabban, we refused to part-take in this illogical practice and as a result we are giving bonuses to our support staff based on customer appreciation.

We we’re also able to recruit the most experienced support agents because we truly put the customer first.

Our extended warranties are insured by Aviva, one of the largest insurance company in the world and they are transferable.

At Wabban, we believe that our customers should ultimately decide what warranty they truly need, not a short-term marketer with no support experience.